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I may be in the middle of a writing a new book, preparing my next talk, or flying but will get back to you as soon as I can.

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Can you help me?

Vic Flintham piloting his Czech Sportcruiser G-SCVF at Fowlmere in 2015

Vic Flintham piloting his Czech Sportcruiser G-SCVF at Fowlmere in 2015

Help me:

Over the years many people have helped with material for books. If you have appreciated this site and have any material, especially photos relating to post-war wars, here is your opportunity to help me and get your name in print.

Material can be submitted by post to:    Vic Flintham, Pheasant Barn, Braughing Bury, Braughing, Herts. SG11 2RD

or by email to:

Please note that files must not total more than 10mb. I frequently use the Wetransfer service for large file movements across the web.

How you can help

One of the biggest problems authors have is securing photographs.  

Usage of photographs lodged with museums or collections – regardless of copyright – is exorbitantly expensive and it is not generally realised that authors have to pay for all illustrations. For a book with 250 photos, this could easily amount to £7,500 and for a typical aviation book the most an author will ever get back in royalties is around £2-3,000.

A further problem is that there is a shortage of new material and the value of a book will often rest in fresh illustrations to balance the text.

Thanks in anticipation, Vic.