This site is committed to bringing well researched articles on post-war military aviation to the Internet and to stimulate interest in post-war military aviation. My own interests are specifically the use of aircraft in war, or to prevent war, from 1946 to date. As an aviation historian and writer I wanted to offer some of my research for a wider audience - hence this site.

There are six main sections, each of which will be added to as I find the time to get around to it. The sections contain details of one or more post-war wars, usually updated extracts from my first book, aircraft in post-war service with British air arms, British military prototypes and research aircraft since 1946 and lists of related post-war topics. I have also included a note of my books and articles and finally a bid for help from you, the reader.

The heading photos shows the spectacular Red Arrows opposition pass, taken by the author at Biggin Hill in September 2005. I hope that you enjoy the website.


Post-war British combat aircraft

Post-war British combat aircraft

In this section you will find mark-by-mark details of fighters of the late 1940s, 50s and 60s from the immortal Spitfire to the Lightning.

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Post-war air wars

post-war air wars

This is my real interest and presented here are three Mediterranean air wars through the period 1945 to 1985. Palestine, Lebanon and Libya.

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Books and Publications

I have produced a number of articles and books. Here are details of what I have written and what is in the pipeline.

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Post-war British research aircraft and prototypes

post war research aircraft and prototypes

Over 100 types are described and illustrated from the glory days of post-war research.

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I can't resist collating data to help me with writing. Here are lists of post-war shoot-downs, NATO reporting names for Soviet aircraft of the cold war and British military aircraft colours.

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Now help me!

now help me

Over the years many people have helped with material for books. If you have appreciated this site and have any material, especially photos relating to post-war wars, here is your opportunity to help me...

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