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In the course of book preparation I usually compile lists, either to include as appendices or to help me keep track. 

In this section is a variety of lists which may be of interest:

1.   British Military aircraft designations

2.   US military aircraft designations

3.   Cold war shootdowns (covers all reported incidents of military and civil aircraft loss or damage following intrusion or interception by Soviet or Chinese forces)

4.   NATO (ASCC) reporting names  (Reporting names for Soviet and Chinese aircraft which operated from 1954 to about 1994. The logic of the system is described and the list is believed to be the most comprehensive publicly available)

5.   USAF in Europe in 1962 (Just for fun, and because I can, I have included an order of battle for the USAF in Europe in 1962)

6.   British Military colours (An equivalence chart for British military colours in Humbrol, FS, Methuen and British Standards references)


I would welcome any additions or supportable amendments to my lists - please contact me.